Thermal Imaging

What is thermal imaging ?

Thermal imaging using a Testo 882 thermal image camera.Thermal imaging (or thermography) means using a thermal camera to detect temperature differences in electrical and mechanical installations to show warmer objects against cooler backgrounds.

Thermal variances can often indicate either electrical or mechanical overload, faults or failure. Thermal imaging allows us to find potential issues not always visible to the naked eye.

What can thermal imaging do for you ?

With a thermal camera we can perform thermal imaging on site to detect any unusual temperature patterns on plant, equipment and switchboards. A thermal imaging camera allows us to distinguish between warmer and cooler objects where higher thermal variances can often be a precursor to a potential fault.

By using Condition-Based Predictive maintenance we can then minimise downtime caused by electrical or mechanical faults or overloading. Finding faults in the early stages of failure allows planned maintenance to be carried out prior to catastrophic failure or lost production.

Paul Pearce Electrical will carry out a thermal imaging survery at a time the client requires to ensure the remainder of the plant is up and running, thus providing an accurate report with accurate results. Many providers will come in for a set time to carry out thermal imaging whether the plant is fully functional or not. This often leads to inaccurate readings and therefore inaccurate reports.

Some insurance companies now require thermal imaging to be carried out periodically. Paul Pearce Electrical recommend a thermographic survey be carried out on an annual basis. Each survey allows us to build up a history of what could be considered ‘normal’ thermographic performance for a given installation. This allows us to easily detect any abnormal changes and find faults in the early stages of failure.

Paul Pearce Electrical are happy to perform thermographic surveys after hours is necessary.

What are our qualifications ?

Paul holds an ITC level 1 thermography certificate (trained to ISO 18436-7) and is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Infrared Thermography. All our registered electricians are fully qualified, and experienced, to perform any remedial work or maintenance required after a thermal imaging survey.

What equipment do we use ?

Testo 882 thermal imaging cameraThe Testo 882 thermal imaging camera is the ideal thermal imaging device for a number of applications providing crystal clear thermal images and indepth insight. The Testo 882 allows for non-intrusive thermal inspections for building and industrial applications.  With a thermal sensitivity of < 60 mK and the ability to measure 76,800 temperature points even the smallest temperature differences are visible.