Solar PV

What is Solar PV ?

Solar PV - solar modulesSolar PV is the use of photo-voltaic solar panels to convert energy from the sun into sustainable electrical energy to power either your home or business. Generated energy can be fed back into the grid to offset your energy costs or can be stored in batteries to be completely independent of the grid.

If your home or business has a reasonably consistent electricity bill all year round then solar power is right for you. Businesses, factories and schools using electricity predominantly during the day are also highly suited for using solar electricity.

Solar panels can be easily fitted to an existing house and any new home should consider Solar PV as part of the build.

Technological advances and a reduction in equipment costs means there has never been a better time to consider Solar PV.

What can Solar PV do for you ?

Solar PV - microinveterInstalling a Solar PV system can often eliminate your power bill and help reduce your carbon footprint.

By installing Solar PV you will both reduce your environmental impact and be spared from ever increasing power prices.

Old solar systems were daisy chained which meant each panel array was limited by the lowest performing module in the chain. The Enphase Energy Microinverter System improves energy harvest, increases reliability, and dramatically simplifies design, installation, and management of solar power systems.

Where do we source our products from ?

It’s important for us to sell and install products we have total confidence in. But more essential is the ability to both service and maintain anything we install. The products we use are of the highest quality sourced from the US, Canada and Asia.

Key benefits include:

  • Higher energy yield
    • Outstanding performance at low irradiance
    • Maximum energy yield at low NOCT (Nominal Operaring Cell Temperature)
    • Improved energy production through reduced cell series resistance
  • Increased system reliability
    • Long term system reliability with IP67 junction box
    • Enhanced system reliability in extreme temperature environment with special cell level stress release technology
  • Extra value to customers
    • Positive power tolerance up to 5W
    • Stronger 40mm robust frame to counter wind load (2400 Pa)
    • Anti-glare project evaluation
    • Salt mist, ammonia and blowing sand resistance

Why choose Paul Pearce Electrical for your Solar PV needs ?

Paul Pearce Electrical offer reliable solutions utilising some of the best products in the industry. Our trained and professional staff offer the complete package. From design, installation and inspection through to handover of the finished system. We can then design and implement any required maintenance schedules to ensure your solar PV system is running at its very best.