EcoSmart ElectriciansAn initiative from ECANZ (Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand) in association with the Electricity Commission, the EcoSmart Electricians programme is about investing more now in energy efficient products and services as a saving for the future. Its aim is to save power, save money as well as easing the pressure on the environment.

EcoSmart electricians are the missing link; they provide the practical intervention.

These electricians can provide advice and assistance to both householders and businesses on the best and simplest ways to reduce their electricity consumption, thereby reducing their spend on energy. Cost effective solutions are often basic changes that lead to considerable savings, and practical interventions by EcoSmart electricians are the key.

Paul Peace Electrical - Ecosmart electricianEcoSmart electricians conduct an assessment to determine the impact and value of improvements that can be made. The assessment can offer alternatives in areas such as energy management, lighting, pumps, fans and motors, HVAC as well as new technology in solar and wind power.

Paul Pearce Electrical is proud to be an EcoSmart Electrician.