Paul Pearce Electrical is a commercial electrician offering a full range of services to the commercial sector including full installations and maintenance. We can provide pre-programmed maintenance as well as emergency call outs to keep down time to a minimum.

Power logging

Being able to record your power usage can be advantageous in a number of ways. If you are expanding your building or adding additional equipment we can determine if your existing power capacity will be enough. We can prove the benefit of efficiency improvements with before and after energy consumption tests. We are able to measure harmonic distortion caused by electronic loads and improve reliability by capturing voltage dips and swells caused by load switching.

All this can be displayed with easy to read graphs showing the logged data.

Food grade electrical maintenance

Paul Pearce Elcetrical - Food Grade installations and maintenanceModern high speed food preparation and manufacture requires sophisticated equipment and super-clean work practices. The installation and maintenance has to be carried out mindful of the necessity to maintain absolute cleanliness to prevent contamination.

All Paul Pearce Electrical staff are trained in the procedures to be used on these premises and the major food manufacturers on the Kapiti Coast take advantage of this.

The same careful work procedures are also used in the various cafes, bakeries and restaurants.

Hazadous areas

Paul Pearce has undertaken specialist training in hazadous area electrical installations. Flour silos and areas where dusts and vapours are present all have unique electrical requirements.

We can provide a one-stop shop for all your hazadous area electrical work.

Natural disasters

In the event of a natural disaster we can help with the installation of a change-over switch for easy connection of a generator to your house or business. We can also supply generators to meet your specific requirements.

Pole Fuses

Paul Pearce Electrical - Pole fusesUnlike other electrical contractors, Paul Pearce Electrical have staff qualified to work on pole top fuses and can disconnect and reconnect your entire installation when required.

Painting or other work around the point of entry of your power lines should only be done with the power disconnected. When you have major electrical work done to your switchboard there is no need to pay for a line company to disconnect and then reconnect when the work is finished.

It’s all covered by Paul Pearce Electrical.